Utility & Purpose

Utility & Purpose. Consumers want meaningful value exchanges from brands, emphasizing emotional connections and entertainment. Brands are expected to have a deeper dimension beyond just presence, with reliability and authenticity playing a crucial role. Brands can deliver a conscious and memorable value exchange through packaging, user incentives, or even product repurposing.

This trend originates from the report:

OGILVY - Social Media Trends 2023

Utility & Purpose. Meaningful value exchanges are more important than ever. More than ever, a content-based value exchange is about creating an emotional connection, in an entertaining way that puts consumer needs first.

Across the board, we see brands who are seemingly succeeding in striking this balance. Some of them score with ‘edutainment’, others with nostalgia, and some going all out to activate their brand purpose as a meaningful value-add for consumers. Whatever the output is, those consumers do expect brands to have at least a deeper dimension than just presence.

Being reliable and authentic matters a great deal. GWI research highlights that 31% of worldwide respondents expect brands to help them organize their lives. Delivering a conscious and memorable value exchange can happen in multiple ways.

Through the packaging or point of sale, through a user-led incentive or in the case of this Lego campaign, by deliberately rethinking the purpose of its product..