The cookie finally gets dunked

The Cookie Gets Dunked. The end of third-party cookies is finally on the horizon, with consumers increasingly frustrated by the lack of privacy they bring. While advertisers worry about the impact on personalized advertising, brands must act quickly to find alternatives and track conversions without relying on cookies. Emotion analysis shows rising anger and frustration around the issue, with consumers demanding fast and drastic change.

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Talkwalkers - Social Media Trends 2023

The cookie finally gets dunked. 2023 will bring the beginning of the end for third-party cookies, with consumers ready to watch them crumble. 2023 will finally bring the long-delayed end of third-party cookies.

Almost. Maybe. Google has once again delayed the end of cookies until 2024 to allow testing and uptake of its Privacy Sandbox APIs.

Third-party cookies help provide more personalized experiences across the web, leaving a trail of breadcrumbs that track the sites you visit. While consumers are concerned about the lack of privacy these cookies bring, 70% of advertisers feel that digital advertising overall will take a step backward because of their removal. The delay in their cancellation gives little respite for brands.

The clock is ticking, and new alternatives must be activated sooner rather than later. The challenge: how will brands track conversions of their customers while creating more personalized experiences without that knowledge? Using emotion analysis from Talkwalker’s Blue SilkTM AI, we can see that mentions of the end of third-party cookies are on the rise, with anger around the subject growing. With 46% of all mentions related to privacy, we can see that consumers are increasingly frustrated over the issue and the delay of the inevitable solution.

Google may be slow to respond, but consumers are wanting drastic change, and fast..