Pricing Privacy

Pricing Privacy. To win and retain customers, businesses must prioritize privacy and build trust through ethical data collection. 67% of consumers are open to tracking cookies, but only if it enhances their experience. As privacy concerns rise, marketers must stay current with regulations, focus on privacy, and consider cookie-free advertising for a successful 2023.

This trend originates from the report:

Vertigo - Digital Marketing Trends ‘23

Pricing Privacy. Trust and reputation are essential for growing any business, and they can increasingly be won or lost by how you handle your customer data. With each passing year, consumers are more cautiously concerned about data gathering due to the vulnerability of fraud, privacy invasion, and intrusive marketing pitches.

Consumers need to see a clear link between the personal information they’ve shared with you and the value they get back. 67% of consumers are willing to let brands they explicitly approve use tracking cookies to improve their experience. The ethical collection of data is now appealing to the masses and first-party data will be the go-to strategy in 2023 for marketers.

Marketers will need to stay up to date with the latest EU regulations, make smart marketing adjustments, increase focus on privacy, and give serious consideration to the potential of cookie-free advertising in the future..