Open To New Things

Open To New Things. Consumers will continue to be open to trying new brands in 2023, with 41% switching once more options became available after strict lockdowns eased. During the pandemic, 75% of consumers tried something different, whether it was new stores, products, or buying methods, and now they are even more open to change due to the search for the best value. With two out of three shoppers abandoning brands for better deals and 58% switching for higher quality, brands must be adaptable and innovative to keep up with changing consumer preferences.

This trend originates from the report:

Shopify - Commerce Trends 2033

Open To New Things. More people are open to trying new brands. It didn’t look like consumers were willing to buy from new brands in 2020, when 38% of customers101 increased their spending with an individual retailer.

But once the strictest lockdowns eased up and more options hit the market, 41% of consumers switched brands. Whether new stores, new products, or new buying methods, 75% of consumers tried something different during the pandemic. And now, thanks to inflation, consumers are on the hunt for the best value, making them even more open to change.

Two out of three shoppers abandon brands for better deals, and 58% switch in search of higher quality products..