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Digital Health. The pandemic accelerated digital health and wearable tech adoption, making it a prime arena for big tech companies to compete in 2023. Big Tech has taken notice, investing $3.6bn in health-related M&A activity in 2021, focusing on data and devices. With Amazon's $3.9bn acquisition of One Medical and TikTok’s (ByteDance) $1.5bn acquisition of Amcare, the investment in digital health is only expected to increase.

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Digital Health. Digital health and wearable technology ownership grew markedly during the pandemic, and is likely to be a key battleground in 2023 for big tech companies. This trend didn’t go unnoticed by Big Tech, which collectively spent $3.

6bn on health-related M&A activity in 2021, centered on data and devices. Investment stepped up this year: Amazon acquired primary care tech provider One Medical in a $3.9bn deal, while TikTok-owner ByteDance revealed its own $1.

5bn acquisition of hospital company Amcare..