Reclaiming Data Privacy

Reclaiming Data Privacy. Consumers are seeking more control over their data privacy and want brands to be more accountable. Brands can respond by going the extra mile this year, offering more control and transparency in data exchanges. More importantly, by providing resources to help educate consumers on the benefits and risks of sharing data, the brand can become a credible source for the consumer. To be successful, it's important to communicate the idea that sharing data is a choice and to balance information with simplicity, so as not to overwhelm consumers.

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OMD - Signals 2023

Reclaiming Data Privacy. Consumers want brands to be accountable for data privacy and to take more control of protecting themselves and their data. Consumers want more information and what they can do to protect themselves.

Brands have an opportunity to become consumers’ data privacy champions. People are becoming increasingly open to data exchanges. They don’t always have to be monetary, but they do have to add value.

Beyond data privacy, people are looking for more authentic online interactions. Brands can respond to this trend by giving consumers a sense of agency and control over how their data is used. Feed their need for control by giving consumers the option to choose the rewards or benefits they receive in return for their data, offering a range of privacy settings, and being transparent about sharing any information with third parties.

It’s also important to maintain open communication channels, complying with customers’ requests to delete personal or sensitive information in a timely manner. And, remember to always communicate the principle that sharing data is a choice, not something foisted upon them. Another way brands can meet this consumers trend is to support consumers looking to educate themselves in digital.

Provide customers with tips on how to maintain data hygiene and get involved with new technologies. Do not just dwell on the potential risks; instead, also focus on the benefits that data sharing can bring to encourage consumers to engage with their data. For example, helping consumers who are new to digital currencies by providing educational content that will teach them how to navigate the crypto world.

The language surrounding digital currencies can often be daunting, so provide insight in simple terms on how consumers can get involved. However, be careful not to overwhelm consumers with too much complex information that could cause confusion..