Hyper-local influence to drive community

Hyper-local influence to drive community. Hyper-local influence has evolved into hyper-relevant influence. Brands can tap into the power of grassroots influence by identifying micro-communities among their target audience and partnering with influencers who share their interests, experiences, and values. This approach allows brands to reach their target audience more effectively and authentically, bypassing mass-market sales models and delivering a more streamlined value exchange.

This trend originates from the report:

OGILVY - Influencer Trends 2023

Hyper-local influence to drive community. Grassroots Influence: Years of lockdown, political upheaval and social dislocation have altered audiences’ conceptions of community. In 2020, we introduced you to hyper-local influence.

In 2023, location isn’t the only way we identify as a community online, and with the evolution of social media, hyper-local influence has morphed into hyper-relevant influence. This trend is fueled by platforms like TikTok and Instagram Reels, which deliver content based on an interest graph. This mode of content discovery enables consumers to engage and connect with what unites them: either by proximity (where they live) or a niche interest.

Collaborating with influencers who share the experiences, values and interests of a micro audience – bolstered by their geographic proximity to the audience – is a powerful way for brands to create impact. The power of grassroots influence lies in its ability to create thriving communities and trusted content ecosystems around specific topics, causes, and brands. For brands, this means starting with identifying micro communities among your target audience.

It also means going deep to mine the topics, causes and conversations that they identify with. Activating the micro community by partnering with people that they associate with is another important aspect. As we head into economic uncertainty, harnessing the power of hyper-local, grassroots influence permits brands to circumvent mass-market sale models, and pinpoint their target audience in new, efficient and authentic ways to deliver a more streamlined and less fragile value exchange.

Three ways to get started with grassroots influence: CHAMPION THE COMMUNITY. Look beyond physical spaces to identify target segments of your audience and tap into the conversations those communities are having online. Which are the most relevant to your brand? Where can you have the greatest impact? Then, turn those insights into a content strategy with grassroots influencers serving as the content engine.

MICRO TARGET, MACRO SCALE. Pairing geographic and interest-based influence is where it can really scale. Start by targeting a local community, before scaling your effort to a macro audience.

RETHINK MEASUREMENT Grassroots influencers carry influence beyond reach and following. So, you’ll want to target the few to reach the many. Look at metrics like geographic penetration, engagement rate, and influence beyond reach and following.