Getting Comfy At Home

Homes continue to take center stage in people's 2023 lifestyle with an increase in at-home entertainment and DIY inspiration. Brands have the opportunity to enhance people's at-home experiences by offering immersive media experiences, flaunting their local credentials, and tapping into small luxuries. Brands can add value by supporting consumers in indulging in small ways and making their products or services a priority in consumers' consideration set, especially during economic downturns.

This trend originates from the report:

OMD - Signals 2023

The home takes a more central role in people’s 2023 lifestyles. As 52% of respondents plan to spend more time at home in the next 12 months, there is an opportunity for brands to offer DIY inspiration. In the same time, at-home entertainment is set to increase in 2023.

There is an opportunity for brands to offer more flexible and alternative indulgences. Brands can elevate people’s at-home experiences with innovative propositions. 47% plan to focus more on their mental health and well-being.

45% will start or increase how much they cook from scratch. 39% will stop or reduce how much they go to paid-for attractions, activities and events. 32% plan to start or increase how much they entertain at home.

31% plan to recreate special experience at home (e.g., movie night, date night, etc.

). 28% will be streaming more free on-demand video and music services. 27% will be using more apps on their phones.

Brand implications: Help consumers create more immersive in-home media experiences. Consider ways in which you can help consumers tailor their home surroundings to match their viewing in a way that is not possible in a cinema. For instance, can you partner with fragrance companies to add an extra sensory layer to a film, as Disney has done with Pura for films such as Moana and Frozen II? Or, on a more basic level, ensure audio mixes of films are tailored for streaming, and give users suggestions on how to fine tune their TV settings – perhaps by turning off motion smoothing to more closely mimic a cinema screen.

Flaunt your local credentials. Adapt your communications to appeal to local audiences, calling attention to the aspects of your brand identity that best represent each region. Be sensitive to each area’s unique quirks and characteristics to avoid culture clashes.

​ Demonstrate how your brand benefits the community. Do you create important local jobs or showcase homegrown ingredients? Also, highlight your locally sourced products' low air miles and short supply chain to cater to eco-concerned consumers. Go one step further by regionally tailoring messages.

Lean into small luxuries. Tap into consumer rituals and reward behavior, and highlight how consumers can include aspects of your brand in this behavior. Add value by giving consumers support to indulge themselves in small ways, showing empathy to the human need for ‘a bit of a break’.

Economic downturns typically lead to consumers spending their time and money on fewer, but more premium experiences. By adding value for consumers you can make it further down their consideration set, ensuring that the things they do spend money on in trying times includes your brand’s products or services..