Gamifying Loyalty

Gamifying Loyalty. Gamifying loyalty programs can lead to a 30% increase in customer retention by creating a tight-knit community around a brand. With advancements in technology, the potential for gamification in marketing is endless. Gamification can also enhance content discovery and increase engagement in activity feeds by 68%.

This trend originates from the report:

Vertigo - Digital Marketing Trends ‘23

Gamifying Loyalty. Customer retention has been increased by 30% through the gamification of loyalty programs. Games have the ability to change everything, as they can be used to create a tight community around a brand, while static images and passive videos have become stale.

It is possible for brands to incorporate fun games where consumers can earn a few rewards or integrate a brand's products into popular games. Although gamification in marketing is quite an effective way to improve customer loyalty, tech support is still in its infancy. But considering how fast the technology is advancing, there is always room for pleasant surprises that can change gamification as we know it.

Gamification amplifies content discovery increasing activity feed engagement by 68%..