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Brand Value. In 2023, with the decline of cookies and increased use of social media platforms as search engines, brand value will reach a new high. Brands that win consumer attention will be those that are known, trusted and loved. Brands that invest in consumer intelligence, creative content, and responsive customer service will be critical differentiators. In 2023, brands that cast too wide of a marketing net are bound to get lost and forgotten.

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Meltwater - 2023 Marketing Trends Guide

Brand Value. These days, consumers are used to having infinite choices, from the content they consume to the products and services they buy. But with the death of cookies and the continued popularity of “infinite scroll” platforms like Instagram and TikTok, the value of the brand will reach a new high in 2023.

As organic reach has declined further on some social platforms, brand exposure is just one battle in the war for consumer dollars. Winning attention is one thing, but it’s the brands that consumers know, trust, and love that earn those valuable clicks. Brand awareness is a marketing team’s best tool for overcoming the limited exposure an algorithmic-based social platform may provide.

Visibility and discoverability are especially large obstacles for small brands contending with top-of-mind commerce giants like Amazon. And businesses of any size can find themselves in a constant game of catch-up with platform updates, such as Instagram’s test of getting rid of Recent hashtags this past April. At the same time, the rise of consumers using TikTok, Instagram, and other platforms as search engines makes the playing field a bit more level for brands with strong identities.

In 2023, a large part of strong brand identities will rest on in- depth, real-time knowledge of target audiences in niche, online communities. Across industries, marketers and brands that get the clicks in 2023 will do so via in-depth consumer and audience intelligence that puts them in authentic conversation with their consumers. Additionally, creative interactive content, short- form video, holistic brand experiences across platforms, and responsive customer service and engagement will continue to be critical brand differentiators.

In 2023, brands that cast too wide of a marketing net are bound to get lost and forgotten. Investing in the value of your brand identity now will only make content creation as you wade into new ad and platform features that much easier looking forward..