Be Explorable

Be Explorable. Brands must embrace the trend towards discovery-first by increasing the number of explorable entry points. Features like shoppable tags and native storefronts can help initiate purchase intent while staying on brand. Paid media strategies will still be necessary to capitalize on deeper intent, but understanding the audience and channel hierarchy is crucial to maximizing results.

This trend originates from the report:

OGILVY - Social Media Trends 2023

Be Explorable. With a strategic shift to discovery-first being predicted for 2023, it’s important for brands to expand their playing field by increasing the amount of explorable entry points. Features like shoppable tags, native storefronts and product catalogs in the always-on content layer can help.

This allows advertisers to stay on brand, while initiating purchase intent. From our test and learning record, we can see an uptick in organically attributed sales as a result of consistent commerce integrations in always-on planning. This doesn’t mean paid strategies will become irrelevant.

While organic commerce is an ideal basis for spontaneous shopping, paid media supported commerce will still be the best way to capitalize on deeper intent. Also, it's crucial to understand who you’re talking to, what content to line up and where to play. Around 40% of Gen Z and millennials make an impulse purchase online every 2-3 weeks, rising to 48% among daily TikTok users.

Stats like these are an opportunity and a clear direction to prioritize short video and to diversify channel hierarchy..