Y2K is Now

Y2K is Now. Millennials are returning to the cultural and fashion trends of the early 2000s, referred to as Y2K, due to their fond memories of a simpler time and the popularity of TikTok trends such as #whatsinmybag and #cybery2k. The Y2K trend includes iconic vehicles from 2000s pop culture and collectables like compact digital cameras and flip phones. Fashion is also following the Y2K trend.

This trend originates from the report:

CATAWIKI x IPSOS - Trend_Report-2023

Y2K is Now. The Office for National Statistics in the UK shows that consumers between 25-35 now have the highest median disposable income and they keep coming back to the era that signified their youth – the noughties. Welcome the return of glittery fashion, flashy cars and memorabilia that signal the dawn of the digital age.

For cars, take a cue from movies such as Fast & Furious and Need for Speed. Plug in the Play-Station, grab your Pokémon cards and your Balenciaga City bag for a thoroughly-Y2K night. Pop Culture Rides: From vintage Jeeps used in Jurassic Park to Japanese drifters featured in Fast & Furious, vehicles made famous by 2000s blockbusters, games and pop culture are taking the spotlight in 2023.

Y2K Collectables: According to Ipsos’ Millennial Myths and Realities Report, millennials spend 24 hours a week scrolling and swiping on their phones. As such, the early 2000s represent a period of simple, blissful ignorance and they are expected to seek collectables that transport them back to their carefree past. The resurgence of Y2K collectables is fuelled by TikTok trends such as #whatsinmybag (1.

2 billion views) and #cybery2k (230.4 million views). Think compact digital flash cameras, flip phones and quality wired headphones.

Millennium Mode. According to Fashion Experts Luise Hack and Lorenzo Altimani, Y2K fashion is already happening now, but next year’s millennium mode will see the comeback of it-bags, oversized sunglasses and toned down silhouettes. The Balenciaga City bag is a good example, and part of its success is due to its inspiring story.

Initially never meant for production due to its lack of structure, this bag became one of the most popular items of its time. Ironically, the handbag’s popularity was exactly because of its logo-less, relaxed and unstructured silhouette. Its success was also greatly influenced by 2000s It girls like Kate Moss, the Olsen twins and Nicole Richie.