Women’s Wellness.

Women’s Wellness. Women's Wellness is finally gaining the recognition it deserves, with the government's first Women's Health Strategy for England launching in 2022 and celebrity campaigners and female MPs driving the conversation. This trend is set to continue as the focus shifts to addressing specific women's health issues through personalized solutions and breaking down taboos around menstrual health, endometriosis, PCOS, fertility, and miscarriage. The market for women's health supplements, including for menstrual health, is growing with an increasing focus on gut health, probiotics, nootropics, and adaptogens.

This trend originates from the report:

Holland & Barret - Wellness Trends Report 2023

Women’s Wellness. It’s finally part of the conversation, finally on the agenda – and it’s big business. In 2022, the government launched its first Women’s Health Strategy for England.

Add in celebrity campaigners and female MPs, TV and social media discussions, and the tide is finally turning: women’s health is getting the attention it deserves. This will ramp up even more in 2023. We’ll continue to break down the menopause taboo and we’ll become more focused on a range of specific women’s health issues, with personalized solutions and femtech founders continuing to help lead the revolution on breaking down taboos around menstrual health, endometriosis, PCOS, fertility, miscarriage and more.

INGREDIENTS FOR MENSTRUAL HEALTH 90% of women who menstruate get premenstrual symptoms. There’s increasing evidence on the role of gut health and probiotics in addressing those symptoms, as well as supporting vaginal and urinary tract health. Meanwhile, nootropics (brain-supporting botanical ingredients) and adaptogens (plant-based substances that can help our body deal with stress) are finding their way into innovative new products for menstrual health.

In the same time, there has been an increase in sales of other female related health supplement products, for fertility, pregnancy, as well as supporting menopause. These trends are poised to continue..