Water-Free Skincare

Cosmetic brands are expected to offer more water-free skincare products, as consumers become more interested in sustainability, demand more environmentally friendly options. Brands need to identify specific sustainable elements in their products to be viewed as trustworthy.

This trend originates from the report:

TREND HUNTER - Trend Report 2057

Cosmetic brands offer water-free skincare products. Water-free cosmetic products typically come in the form of cleansers and hair products, but skincare brands are now offering more sustainable, waterless formulas for everything from serums to moisturizers. Insight - As sustainability becomes a key selling point for consumers, and consumers become more educated in this space, they're no longer satisfied with brands paying lip service to environmental protection.

In order to sell sustainability in a way that consumers view as trustworthy, identifying specific elements in products and services that are sustainable makes it more clear for consumers who want to be eco-friendly..