Viral Flavor

The CPG industry has taken inspiration from TikTok food trends, as the pandemic led to an increase in screen time and interest in cooking. Companies in the CPG space are offering products in similar flavor profiles to those seen on TikTok.

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TREND HUNTER - Trend Report 2084

The CPG space borrows inspiration from TikTok trends. TikTok usage increased globally during the pandemic, fueling viral trends across many spaces, but especially in food. Companies in the CPG space are borrowing inspiration from these largely DIY food trends, offering products across categories in similar flavor profiles to hose seen on the social media site.

Food trends on TikTok, sometimes called 'FoodTok,' are introducing a new era of foodie-ism for a younger generation. This is no coincidence; the pandemic-induced lockdown increased both screentime and interest in cooking across generations. This hybridization of interests has resulted in a new generation of foodies who are interested in uncomplicated, but delicious DIYs that use pre-made ingredients, and can be showcased in short video clip-format tutorials.