Responsibility Takes The Stage

Responsibility Takes The Stage. Brands are showing more responsibility in their actions, campaigns and supply chains to create a fairer and more diverse world while measuring the social and environmental impact. The public supports these efforts and brands that align with these values and take action can differentiate themselves, build brand equity and form communities around a shared purpose. Brands should prioritize social and environmental responsibility, measure the carbon impact of campaigns, and show their human side to benefit both society and their business.

This trend originates from the report:

DENTSU - Media Trends ‘23

Brands are becoming more responsible in their actions and campaigns, taking into consideration the impact they have on society and the environment. The public is increasingly aware of and supportive of these efforts, with many expressing a desire for more sustainable and inclusive products and services. Brands that align themselves with these values and take action to support them can differentiate themselves and build brand equity, forming communities around a shared purpose and amplifying their actions into strong campaigns.

Measuring the carbon impact of campaigns and building community around making customers' lives better are key ways brands can show their commitment to societal and environmental responsibility. Cooperation across industries and increased incentives to live sustainably are also leading to new ways of doing business, such as Patagonia giving away its company to a charitable trust fighting climate change and platforms like WeAre8 and The GoodNet promoting positive and uplifting content. Fiona Lloyd, Global Client and Brand President of Carat, states that "People care about what the brands they buy stand for" and brands should ensure that their purpose and values are evident in all their actions and relationships with customers.

Brands that prioritize social and environmental responsibility and show their human side can build a better world and benefit their business in the long run..