Out With Uniformity

Out With Uniformity. Brands are moving away from uniformity and embracing organic and earned efforts. The platform landscape shake-up has resulted in a focus on engagement-first objectives, leading to a comeback in community building and loyalty initiatives. Brands should continue to leverage successful formats, but also tailor content to each platform's unique capabilities and features. Cross-posting is no longer effective and more effort is needed for platform-specific content.

This trend originates from the report:

OGILVY - Social Media Trends 2023

Out With Uniformity. Organic and earned efforts making a comeback. The shake-up of the platform landscape also triggered a prioritization of engagement-first objectives.

Community building is making a big comeback and more often, we’re returning to loyalty initiatives, speaking more directly to audiences. In the new year, we’ll be seeing a cyclical rehashing of earned tactics and strategies that help deliver organic traction. Let’s be clear.

Brands should not throw away the rulebook entirely. If a specific format, or content route works, keep leveraging it. The real conclusion is that today’s rulebook doesn’t apply to uniformity any longer.

With the enormous proliferation of choice and availability, we’re looking at an era of brand codes and governance that pull in the characteristics of the platform. This is also why the time of cross-posting is over, despite what some surveys say. While it’s often a cost-saver in the short run, over time the impact is limited.

More efforts are needed to tailor content to each platform’s unique capabilities and features..