Future of Demographics

Future of Demographics. Demographic data has been a staple tool for marketers to segment their audience, but with the rise of consumer data, it's possible to segment audiences in more sophisticated ways. By analyzing social media data, marketers can identify "digital tribes" based on shared attitudes, behaviors, interests and influences to better understand their audience and engage with different segments. Advanced segmentation techniques powered by AI and increased computing power are enabling businesses to gain a deeper understanding of their customers, beyond just basic demographics

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Meltwater - 2023 Marketing Trends Guide

The Future of Demographics. Marketers have relied on demographic data to segment their audiences for a long time, grouping people together based on things like their age, gender, geography, education, and income levels. While this has enabled them to make broad assumptions about different groups of people, it’s always been something of a blunt instrument.

With the huge amount of consumer data available these days, it’s now possible to segment audiences in far more sophisticated ways. By analyzing social media data, we can now understand how people form “digital tribes” based on their shared attitudes, behaviors, interests, and influences. This gives marketers a much more useful picture of an audience segment than simply assuming that people will have something in common because of their age or where they live.

Tools like Linkfluence Tribes do most of this segmentation work automatically. Given a few cues on what topics you’re focused on, the platform can identify who’s talking about those things on social media, and then looks for commonality between the conversation participants. Based on these common threads, different tribes are defined, helping marketers to understand their drivers and how best to engage with the different segments.

The benefits of this more powerful approach to segmentation are huge. As well as being able to target campaigns and content more effectively, businesses can gain an all- round deeper understanding of their customers, which can inform strategic decision-making far beyond the marketing department. This shift in technology has been enabled by advances in AI and increases in brute computing power, which make it possible to analyze huge volumes of social data, identifying the patterns and links behind these tribes.

As more marketers embrace advanced segmentation techniques, we can finally say goodbye to basic demographics and hello to better relationships with our audiences..