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Consumers are looking for more than just products from retailers, they want education and inspiration. Brands that deliver on this will have a stronger impact, improving a consumer's life and contributing to their well-being. Grocers will offer budget-friendly meal tips, healthcare providers will focus on customer service, and restaurants will provide ideas on entertaining.

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VERICAST - Predictions & Trends 2031

What we buy and where we choose to buy it continue to be about more than just getting “stuff.” Now perhaps more than ever, it appears that people are looking to their banks and credit unions for financial education, to grocers for cooking inspiration, to healthcare providers for tips on healthier living and to restaurants for ideas on entertaining. The best brands will make their advertising and selling about more than the end product.

“Brands should consider how they can improve a consumer’s life or contribute to their well-being,” says Rob Crews, Director, Restaurant Industry Strategy. “And they are wise to articulate it in a way that is both tangible and actionable — something more than an empty brand promise. A brand is a promise, and a strong brand is a promise delivered.

” GROCERIES. “Even in the face of rising prices,” says Companey, “we’re going to see retailers leaning into their role as a source of inspiration to consumers. Look for more grocers to offer tips on how to feed a family on a budget, more recipes incorporated onto websites and into mobile apps, more how- to videos that allow shoppers to order ingredients directly from the video.

” HEALTHCARE. Maurer says continued hospital mergers, acquisitions and consolidations will increase patient frustration and confusion. The result? “There will be a heightened need,” she says, “for consumer education and a real focus on customer service.