Dawn of the Content Creator

Dawn of the Content Creator. Brands have tried to conquer TikTok, and what’s clear is that many have failed. The most successful accounts on TikTok are those of creators, who unlike influencers (who focus on building their communities), build followings based on a particular narrow skillset or content style. More brands will partner with them in 2023 to build out their own presences but also to generate reach beyond their own accounts.

This trend originates from the report:

OGILVY - Social Media Trends 2023

Dawn of The Creator. Creators often have no set personal relationship with their audience and haven’t spent years meticulously building their communities with personal anecdotes and raw authenticity. Instead, they’ve built followings based on a particular narrow skillset or content style which means audiences are no longer content with aspirational, well-lit mirages of reality.

Creator-orientated content became hugely popular in 2022, with more brands partnering with storytellers and visionaries to inject new energy into their public personas. This will grow further in 2023. Creators are specialists in their own right, often armed with editing skills, graphic conceptualization and storyboarding proficiencies which can rival that of agency creatives.

Collaborating with creators requires freedom and trust, and involvement from the conceptual phase of a campaign. Strong narratives are key. If you want your content to stand out, keep it in line with the creator’s narrative style, with witty and clear connections to the brand.

This is also an opportunity for brands to make memorable, stand-alone content which endures after the campaign has ended. This is also an opportunity for brands to partner with creators to make memorable content that can exist outside of their channels (as stand-alone content that can endure long after the campaign has ended and the report has been submitted). All in all, creators offer opportunities for brands to generate fun, original content in ways many traditional influencers simply can’t.

And with a clear movement to increase video usage, this trend is likely to expand..