The Metaverse Doesn’t Exist

The Metaverse Doesn’t Exist. The metaverse does not exist, but gaming is the real deal. Gaming is a growing part of UK culture with a broad audience and receptive to advertising. The Metaverse doesn't exist, but gaming offers immersive experiences and touchpoints that reach multiple audience segments at scale. Marketers should consider the diverse gaming ecosystem and create authentic experiences that enhance the gaming experience.

This trend originates from the report:

Wavemaker UK - Growth Trends 2023

Gaming is the real metaverse, for now at least.. Despite the buzz, the Metaverse doesn't exist (et).

What we actually mean when we use the term is gaming, which has been creating immersive experiences for years. Second Life, a virtual world game, launched in 2003, before the word "metaverse" existed. While gaming's influence is broader than you might think, it has become a major cultural force, attracting audiences of all ages and genders.

Brands are beginning to see the opportunity in connecting, conversing, and even sampling products with consumers through gaming. As media consumption becomes increasingly fragmented, gaming offers a touchpoint that reaches multiple audience segments at scale. Additionally, audiences are truly receptive to advertising within the gaming landscape, with studies showing that 72% of UK gamers willingly engage with rewarded in-game ads, and 66% of UK gamers welcome more advertising in their games.

To tap into this trend, brands should think audience-first and consider what they can give in return for an enhanced gaming experience. Starting small with in-game ads and building up to more bespoke activations is a smart approach. Gaming provides a unique touchpoint that reaches multiple audience segments at scale and is truly receptive to advertising.

As the gaming ecosystem continues to grow, it's becoming an ever-increasing part of the media landscape and UK culture..