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Sleep Fitness. Sleep is becoming a top priority as two in three people have reported poor sleep quality. Sales of sleep aids have increased by nearly 10% from 2021 to 2022, and people are looking for natural sleep-fit routines and supplements to improve their sleep. Trends such as circadian eating, reducing tech use before bed, and using natural remedies like lavender, camomile and CBD, will help people get a good night's sleep and combat orthosomnia. The focus will be on realigning internal circadian clocks through technologies, medicines, and wellness solutions.

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Holland & Barret - Wellness Trends Report 2023

Sleep Fitness. Two in three people have had poor quality sleep in the last six months. There was an increase of nearly 10% in sales of Sleep & Calming aids between 2021 and 2022.

People will increasingly look at how to sleep better, including natural sleep-fit routines as well as supplements to snooze better. There are several approaches and trends relating to sleep fitness that are catching on. One example is “circadian eating”, which means going easy on heavy evening meals and instead turning to late afternoon ‘light’ eating to help aid digestion before bed, particularly in the winter months.

The idea of switching off the TV earlier in the evening, leaving phones out of the bedroom and generally using our tech wisely before bed is already common practice for some and it will become the norm, as we recognise that bright screens can result in ‘lightmares’ that delay us from dropping off. When it comes to supplements for better sleep, Vitamin D and magnesium are well-known for the role they play in sleep. Meanwhile, new ingredients on the block for 2023 include glycine, spearmint and plant polyphenols, EGCG and L-Theanine, which can help aid deeper sleep, lead to fewer disturbances and more alertness when morning comes.

One big problem for sleep is Orthosomnia, also known as the worry about getting enough sleep. People are keeping it at bay with natural remedies like lavender, camomile and CBD. “There are many reasons for sleepless nights, from cost of living worries to streaming giants competing for our nightly schedules, so researching and implementing a personal sleep routine will be essential in 2023.

we’ll see a rise in the development of technologies, medicines and wellness solutions that help us to realign with our internal circadian clocks.” Alex Glover, Senior Nutritionist, Holland & Barrett.