Predictive analytics will disrupt marketing

Predictive analytics will disrupt marketing. Predictive analytics is a game-changer in marketing and is expected to disrupt the industry. While it has been used in other fields, its integration into social media marketing is just beginning. The technology's potential is enormous, providing valuable insights into future trends and campaign adaptations. As more brands embrace this technology, they will stay ahead of the curve and be better equipped to forecast the next big industry trends.

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Predictive analytics will disrupt marketing. Predictive analytics has been making waves across other industries. Now we foresee it disrupting marketing.

Predictive analytics isn’t new. It’s been used in underwriting and credit scoring for several years, using existing big data to predict potential future outcomes. We’ll see more marketing and social media professionals start to integrate predictive analytics into their processes.

Social listening can quickly and easily provide the big data needed, and now we’ll see the AI capabilities catch up to provide accurate and valuable predictions. The capability brings so much potential, with the ability to look into the future of a trend, topic, or campaign and understand how it will adapt in the coming months. Yet, only 42% of marketers say they have predictive analytics capabilities.

Expect this to change in 2023. Why it’s important now: Predictive analytics is on the rise, with mentions up 20% since January 2022, with significant positive sentiment. Broadly, this AI tech is making waves.

But, we’re also starting to see the topic creating a buzz within social media audiences i.e., those that include phrases like PR, marketing, or comms in their bio.

7% of conversations around the topic include the keyword future, but if you want to be a trendsetter, you need to realize the future is now. Expect more leading brands to make the most of predictive analysis to forecast the next big industry trends.Predictive analytics may be new in marketing, but it’s already a valuable data analysis technique used in a wide variety of industries.

For example, Deliverr is a logistics startup that used predictive analytics to anticipate consumer demands, enabling the company to pre-position items close to geographical areas of anticipated need. This capability is highly valuable. Worth $2.

1 billion to Shopify, when it bought Deliverr in May 2022. eCommerce isn’t the only industry that predictive analytics is shaking up, and in 2023, we will see it start to make a big impact on social media marketing..