New Heroes, More Narratives

New Heroes, More Narratives. Underrepresented groups and new players taking center stage in various industries - from new sports heroes to newborn wine regions. In 2023, these groups and independent creators will be celebrated, driven by a demand for more inclusive narratives and collectibles from conscious consumers. These tell a story everyone can relate to.

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New Heroes, More Narratives. 2023 will be a celebration of change with underrepresented faces taking center stage –from sports heroes to newborn wine regions. Wine producers and distillers who are putting a new spin on long held traditions will become more present, while historically marginalized athletes are finally getting the recognition they deserve.

2023 is about more inclusive narratives and special objects that tell a story everyone can relate to. Independent Tastemakers. Expect to see more diversity in who is celebrated – and rule-bending creativity in both the way spirits and wines are produced as well as consumed.

According to Nicolas Heidrich, Spirits Expert, female winemakers and distillers have always been around, but 2023 is the year they’ll finally get the recognition they deserve. The way modern wine makers are less prone to abide by the rules is exemplified by Claire Sorine, Expert in Wine. “They want to be free to follow their own way of thinking, not having to adhere to rules set by people a long time ago.

They produce on a smaller scale, but use the quality of the climate and soil to their advantage without striving for an appellation". Sports Reframed. The sports industry, and its memorabilia, is becoming more inclusive than ever, with female athletes and Paralympians leading the way.

In January 2022 for example, Serena Williams’ 1999 SI For Kids Series 4 Rookie card sold for a record-breaking $117,000. Wouter Waaijers, Expert in Sports Memorabilia, recognises this trend. “In 2011, Panini published a low print run of stickers for the FIFA Women’s World Cup for the first time, but it went by without much media attention.

Today, thanks to women’s football rightfully getting more attention, these first edition Panini stickers are dramatically rising in value”. Millennials now represent a core buying group and they are highly conscious of equality and diversity, which is reflected in the memorabilia they want to collect..