More GenZ

More GenZ. In 2023, GenZ will be a major focus for brands due to their impact on commerce and the internet. GenZ prioritizes diversity, ethical consumption, gender fluidity, mental health, activism, and sustainability, making community building and storytelling crucial for brands to connect with them. To appeal to this young demographic, brands should prioritize community-building, use effective and efficient digital communication, and align with GenZ's values.

This trend originates from the report:

Vertigo - Digital Marketing Trends ‘23

More GenZ . With their outsized impact on commerce and internet, it’s no surprise that GenZ will be an important area of focus for 2023. As the first generation to grow up immersed in a digital-first society, marked by severe shifts in economic, environmental, and political, circumstances, gen Z strongly influences trends across all digital platforms and shapes the future of media.

Concerning the latest research within social studies, gen Z focuses on: Embracing Diversity, Ethical Consumption, Gender Fluidity, Mental Health, Activism and Sustainability. All the above mentioned are trendsetting that community building and storytelling will be more important than ever in 2023. Gen Z doesn’t simply want to buy what your brand is selling, they want to join you.

They want a community — a tribe to which they belong. That’s where your brand can stand out. Brands that prioritize community-building will win over the young demographic that wants to connect through shared values.

Also, keep in mind that no gif, meme, or heart emoji is too silly or flippant to communicate gen Zers’ feelings, as long as it’s effective and efficient. If your target audience is gen Z you definitely have to put these principles into your coherent marketing strategy..