Go With Your Gut (Health & Welness)

Go With Your Gut (Health). Gut health is a top priority for people seeking to improve their overall wellness. Fermentation is being rebooted in 2023 as trending health foods include chickpea powder and seed spreads. Snacks are evolving to cater to changing consumer demands for tasty, nutritious, and sustainable options that offer functional benefits and address specific needs.

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Holland & Barret - Wellness Trends Report 2023

Go With Your Gut (Health). Fermentation gets a reboot for 2023 – plus four other ways we’ll be changing what we eat next year. FERMENTATION IS BACK.

But this time it’s about a new approach to packing natural products with flavor. Meanwhile, brands are choosing eco- and health-conscious ingredients such as legumes, grains and classic root vegetables. These ingredients are turning up in high-protein, hardworking multi-tasking formats, as we expect more from our food than ever.

CHICKPEA POWER. Roasted chickpea flour and black chickpeas are being used as protein swaps in pasta and baking. SEED SPREADS Nudge your nut butters to one side for now – seed spreads are an eco-friendly alternative, with sunflower seed and hemp seed spreads becoming more and more popular.

ALT-MILK Looking for an alternative to oat and almond? Step forward chia seed milk. A nutritionally supercharged option containing omega-3, calcium and MCT (medium chain triglyceride) oil. SNACKIFICATION As more people move away from set meal times throughout the day snack choices will continue to evolve to cater to changing demand as consumers increasingly seek tasty, nutritional, and sustainable foods to fuel their on-the-go lifestyles.

We’re also seeing more and more snacks blurring the lines with vitamins and dietary supplements as consumers search for tummy fillers that offer functional benefits too. Snacks are diversifying to target needs ranging from diet-specific hunger-busters to pick-me-up hedonistic moments. “We expect fermented foods to make a big comeback in 2023, providing ‘good’ gut bacteria but this time around they’re going to taste delicious.

” Rachel Chatterton, Head of Food Development, Holland & Barrett..