Gen Z is disrupting traditional education paths and opting for alternatives like apprenticeships for quick financial stability. The rise of edutainment, such as business podcasts, educational content creators, and gamified learning apps, is driven by Gen Z's demand for engaging and easy-to-learn content. They are willing to use previously entertainment-only times, like commutes, for learning.

This trend originates from the report:

MTM - 12 Trends of 2023

Edutainment. Gen Z is disrupting the traditional route of going to university before entering the workplace, as they find that alternatives such as apprenticeships better fit their goals and ways of learning. Organizations like Multiverse that offer applied learning appeal to young people with short attention spans, who are impatient to gain real-world, tangible experience.

They want to progress quickly in their chosen field in order to secure financial stability, especially after seeing how their parents and older siblings have been affected by economic crises. In addition to apprenticeships, employees are looking for engaging educational content that makes it fun and easy to learn on the job. This trend is driving the rise of business podcasts like Young and Profiting with Hala Taha, educational content creators like Ludus (who teaches math on TikTok), and gamified learning apps like Mimo, which enables you to learn to code in five minutes a day.

These examples show a willingness to engage with business or educational content during times like the daily commute or while making dinner, which were previously reserved for entertainment..