Eco-Conscious Collagen

Eco-Conscious Collagen. In 2023 it’s all about eating the look. Eco-conscious consumers drive demand for sustainable beauty solutions in 2023. Vegan collagen, engineered through biomimetics, offers a more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional marine-based collagen. The global collagen market is projected to reach $5.3 billion by 2026 as people recognize the benefits of collagen for both skin and joint health.

This trend originates from the report:

Holland & Barret - Wellness Trends Report 2023

Eco-Conscious Collagen. In 2023 it’s all about eating the look. Collagen and other super-charged extracts for natural beauty from within.

Collagen’s status as a skin-smoothing beauty superhero is here to stay. For 2023, people want their collagen fix to be more sustainable and environmentally friendly – and that means looking beyond marine versions. The solution? Vegan collagen.

New formulations are being engineered to match type 1 collagen – the main form of collagen found in our skin – so the body will recognise them and use them more effectively. How is it done? Through the process of biomimetics, which mimics biology. The global collagen market is set to be worth $5.

3 billion by 2026. People are starting to better understand the broader benefits of collagen, so we’ll also see younger customers using type 2 collagen supplements to keep their joints in optimal health.”.