Audio Companion

Audio Companion. Consumers are increasingly seeking a sense of real connection and belonging. This need for companionship had led to consumers turning to audio as a companion medium. Engaging with audio content as a broadcast and a precision medium is becoming more nuanced and complex. As half of working adults work from home, often alone, at least one day a week, 26% of adults listen to keep themselves company, which is a new ‘need state’ identified for the medium. Furthermore, 35% do so to lift their mood. This need state is important because it means that there is an opportunity for much deeper engagement for brands.

This trend originates from the report:

Wavemaker UK - Growth Trends 2032

"Audio Companion" is a growing trend as consumers seek real connection and companionship in a world dominated by technology. With the rise of home working and solo living, people are turning to audio as a way to keep themselves company and lift their mood. This presents an opportunity for brands to create seamless and smart audio experiences across both linear and digital channels.

Linear radio provides a unique experience that on-demand cannot, with listeners having brand affinity with stations and genres via live and shared experiences. Digital audio, including podcasts, offers a leaned-in, one-to-one experience where listeners have self-selected what they want to listen to and have switched off distractions to do so. While the audio landscape is complex, audiences are highly engaged, and the audio experience consistently triggers a positive emotional response.

However, the fragmentation and complexity of digital audio make it challenging for brands to plan and buy media effectively. Brands can boost addressability by creating additional contextual audiences, testing delivery across supply partners, or trying new tech for keyword targeting across podcasting and AI-read articles. As the pace of change in digital audio accelerates, there is an opportunity for brands to evolve how they measure the impact of digital audio more broadly.