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As Seen on Social Media. Social media has become the first stop for many customers on their buying journey, with younger generations starting their search with inspiration and community rather than a list of brands or products. Brands must keep track of cultural trends and questions their audience is asking to cut through the noise and gain trust through user-generated content and influencer marketing. Discovery-led ecommerce is driving more spontaneous purchases, with 41% of Gen Z and millennials making unplanned purchases, making it important for brands to leverage in-the-moment deals.

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GWI - Connecting The Dots 2023 - Global Trends

As Seen On Social Media. In recent years, social media has become the first stop for many people's buying journeys. A shift away from traditional search engines like Google has occurred, as younger generations are more likely to look to platforms like TikTok or Instagram for inspiration and ideas.

This shift is driven by a desire for a more personalized, discovery-led browsing experience, rather than a straightforward search for products. Brands that want to succeed in this new landscape need to be aware of the trends and questions relevant to their audience, as well as the impact of user-generated content on trust. The rise of social media as a shopping tool has led to a greater reliance on visual results, such as videos and photos, rather than written reviews.

Brands can use this to their advantage by getting influencers and real people to showcase their products. The increasing importance of the "in-store element" of online shopping also means that consumers are more likely to make impulsive purchases. Brands need to keep this in mind, as a significant percentage of Gen Z and millennial purchases are unplanned.

In conclusion, social media is playing an increasingly important role in the buying journey, and brands need to adjust their strategies accordingly. Embracing discovery-led ecommerce and user-generated content can help build trust and drive sales, especially among younger generations. Understanding the cultural and aesthetic trends that are relevant to your audience, as well as the power of visual results, is key to success in this new landscape.