Railway Revival

The railway industry in Europe has seen a revival due to the climate movement and the ban on short-haul domestic flights. In 2023, the railway industry is set to have a breakthrough with new Nightjet sleeper trains and luxury services like the Orient Express La Dolce Vita. Sunseekers and snow-lovers can expect more sustainable routes to their destinations through direct night trains from companies like Sunweb Group and European Sleeper.

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MTM - 12 Trends of 2023

Who remembers flygskam? One of the words of the year in 2019, it denotes the shame that the climate movement induces from those who use air travel. The French government took a landmark step in 2022 in banning short-haul domestic flights where an alternative rail journey of sub-2.5 hours is available.

Out of this slow, responsible travel movement has emerged a renaissance in the railways across Europe, with tourists embracing the leisurely approach to travel, and often incorporating the journey into the overall holiday experience. 2023 is set to be the breakthrough for the European railway renaissance. New Nightjet sleeper trains from Austria’s national railway network, OBB, will deliver newfound comfort and ease to travelers between Austria and Rome, Milan and Venice, expanding across other parts of Europe over the next three years.

Those who are uncompromising on luxury can look forward to the Orient Express La Dolce Vita, a new service that will set passengers back around €2,000 per night. Sunseekers and snow-lovers alike can expect more sustainable routes to their favorite destinations, with Sunweb Group and European Sleeper offering direct night trains to summer and winter locations in the south of France and French Alps..