OK, Creative

AI is now in people’s hands as a tool for creativity and is breaking new ground. It enables anyone to create language, image, and video content with seemingly little effort or learned skill, and has the potential to open up new possibilities as part of the creative process. Companies must think about this now and work out how to stand out in a world of quality content.

This trend originates from the report:

Accenture - Life Trends 2023

OK, Creative. AI is now in people’s hands for creativity. It's rapidly evolving beyond its purpose as a tool for efficiency into a creative canvas that opens new possibilities.

Neural networks are being made widely available to create language, images, and music, giving people the chance to explore their own natural creativity. The ease of access means “AI” is being built into existing creative tools, websites and apps. It enables individuals to be exponentially more productive than previous generations, but it also raises questions about the quality of output, copyright issues, and bias.

Companies will need to work out how to make an impact in a world inundated with creative user-generated content. They'll need to upskill to learn how to use these tools and develop their understanding of “AI,” and be acutely aware of where the boundaries lie between their personal and professional capabilities. Attention to craft separates the excellent from the average— and the craft cannot stand still but must evolve with the new tools.