Nomadic Travellers

Nomadic Travellers. The rise of WFH / WFA has created a new market segment of digital nomads, who require a hybrid work schedule of part-time at home and part-time in the office. Marketers need to adapt their strategies to reach this group, as traditional in-person marketing methods are no longer effective. To connect with digital nomads, marketing campaigns should focus on establishing a personal connection and be flexible to accommodate varying consumer needs.

This trend originates from the report:

Vertigo - Digital Marketing Trends ‘23

In the past two years, many companies have fully embraced the idea of WFA (Work From Anywhere). They have recognized that their employees really can WFA - all they need is Wi-Fi and a laptop. But businesses should not expect digital nomads to become the new normal across the board.

A more likely reality of 2023 for digital nomads and businesses is those that accommodate a hybrid work schedule with part-time at home, and part-time at the office. As a brand, it is important to know how to reach this rising high-value audience, whose shift in lifestyle will impact how you form marketing strategies and messages. There are increasing challenges for marketers to reach this client.

In-person conferences and face- to-face meetings have become less popular. The traditional playgrounds for marketing no longer exist. The personal touch gained from F2F conferences and meetings is missed.

Ever than before, marketers need to be more innovative. All the campaigns need to focus on establishing a personal connection. Don’t assume your consumers are where you are or are all in the same place.

Create strategic marketing plans that are inclusive and can be altered to varying consumers’ needs..