New Year, Old Me

New year, old me. The focus on happiness in the wellness space is shifting towards authenticity and realness. New Year's resolutions are being redefined to prioritize introspection and mental health. Popular publications are promoting alternative and accessible wellness methods that emphasize mental wellbeing and self-care.

This trend originates from the report:

MTM - 12 Trends of 2023

New year, old me. ‘Happy New Year’ is about to take on a new meaning as we see a shift in what pursuing happiness looks like. From the rise of 'break culture' (the antidote to hustle culture) and anti-aesthetic wellness, to the adoption of 'goblin mode', there's increased focus on authenticity and realness in the wellness space.

This has changed New Year’s resolutions as we know them. With only 3 in 10 people keeping their resolutions in 2021, a new twist in the old tradition might just be what this new year needs. Representing the new generations’ values of prioritizing their mental health, a new opportunity arises in which focusing on more introspective resolutions is the best way to protect ourselves from the disappointment of unaccomplished goals.

With publications such as Vogue and ELLE highlighting more accessible and alternative wellness methods, mindful eating and emphasis on mental wellbeing are just a few practices that focus on the individual and create an inclusive space for everyone to have a truly Happy New Year..