Metaverse Unfulfilled

Metaverse Unfulfilled. Despite the hype around Meta's vision of the metaverse, it remains unfulfilled and in fact its competitors like Apple and Microsoft are making moves in the space. Marketers should focus on appealing to consumers by simplifying their lives and connecting with their passions, rather than solely jumping on the metaverse bandwagon. Ultimately, success in the metaverse will require a strategic approach that puts the needs and desires of users first.

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WARC - The Marketer’s Toolkit 2030

Metaverse Unfulfilled. For all the hype, Meta’s vision of the metaverse remains unfulfilled. The company hopes its new Quest Pro VR headset will encourage users to work in virtual environments, while brands can use Meta’s Avatar Store to sell digital goods.

However, rivals may be stealing a march. Apple will release of its own mixed-reality headset in 2023, with augmented reality glasses expected to arrive by 2025. A resurgent Microsoft, meanwhile, already buoyed by its acquisition of gaming company Activision Blizzard, is looking at the space through a B2B lens, and plans to build its own ‘industrial metaverse’.

“Marketers need to cut through the hype and return to the fundamentals of marketing. What can we do that would appeal to consumers, not because it’s a shiny new toy but it makes their lives simpler, helps them connect to their passions…” – Kauveri Khullaar VP Consumer Marketing & Sponsorships Mastercard APAC..