Is Time Ticking For TikTok?

Is Time Ticking For TikTok? TikTok's growing influence has resulted in increased scrutiny from governments and the public over its algorithms and impact on society. The platform has struggled with misinformation, leading to increased moderation and labeling of news outlets. The amount of data TikTok collects and potential access by Chinese authorities will also continue to be a concern, with calls for a ban from some politicians in the US and India having already banned the app for security reasons.

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Reuters - Journalism, Media, and Technology Trends & Predictions 2023.

Is Time Ticking For TikTok? Increased regulatory pressure on TikTok. As the network’s influence grows, we’ll see more government and public scrutiny of its algorithms and impact on society. Recent research by Newsguard suggests that new users were typically exposed to misinformation about the war in Ukraine within 40 minutes of using the platform.

28 TikTok has also struggled to deal with the volume of misleading election content in the last year, including those in Germany, Brazil, and the Philippines.29 Partly in response to these critiques, TikTok has set up election hubs containing official and verified sources, increased moderation, and labeled some news outlets as ‘state sponsored’. Beyond misinformation, we can expect more attention on the amount of data TikTok collects and whether Chinese authorities have access to it30 – especially if geopolitical tensions deteriorate further.

Mathias Döpfner, CEO of media group Axel Springer, has called for all democracies to ban the app, and several Republican politicians in the United States have made a similar case. India has already banned TikTok for its 200 million internet users over security concerns and the UK parliament recently shut down its account..