Immersive Dining

Immersive at-home dining experiences by brands, with creative elements to enhance the home dining experience during the pandemic. Includes TV screens simulating flavors or art-themed cooking tutorials, as consumers seek unique to liven up routines.

This trend originates from the report:

TREND HUNTER - Trend Report 2034

Brands offer at-home dining experiences with immersive elements. Brands and creators are offering (or conceptualizing) immersive at-home dining experiences with creative elements for people to better enjoy eating at home. Experiences include everything from TV screens that simulate food flavors to art-themed cooking tutorials.

With pandemic-related restrictions forcing consumers to spend more time eating and cooking at home, people have gotten more creative with the various meals, experiences, and takeout offerings they're willing to try. These consumers are seeking out unique or restaurant-like experiences at home in order to mitigate boredom and liven up their routines..