From Flexibility to Scaling-down Attempt

The trend towards flexibility is shifting towards simplicity and cost-consciousness, as seen through the popularity of fewer ingredient recipes and the rise of "reducetarianism."

This trend originates from the report:

Nextatlas - Predictions for 2023

Focus on consumer behavior: we’ve been witnessing the stable rise of the need for all-encompassing flexibility across different fields, ranging from F&B to Beauty, from work-life balance to retail and traveling. However, the concept of flexibility is itself changing. Triggered by the growing complexity and instability of world events as well as the multiplication of solutions on the market, the search for flexibility is now being replaced by a “reducing approach”.

Recipes with fewer ingredients are the winning formula in the new era of budget-conscious consumption. “Reducetarianism”, the practice of reducing meat consumption, is one of the behaviors to watch in 2023. Cutting down consumption – from food to beauty to energy sector – is an opportunity to move to more sustainable lifestyles and tackle the cost-of-living crisis.

Inspiring consumers to reduce and reuse whenever possible. Illuminating strategies to help customers cope with the cost of living crisis and save money through sustainable actions and products that will have a real positive impact on the planet. Changing the storytelling is necessary: the concept of reduction must not be communicated as a renunciation or penalty, but rather as a choice that demonstrates individual and social responsibility.