Focused Mood-Boosting

Mindfulness apps boosting users' moods are becoming more focused, with functions like recommending mood-boosting podcasts or journaling prompts. The focus on mental health has grown as people deal with many life stressors.

This trend originates from the report:

TREND HUNTER - Trend Report 2064

Apps that prioritize mental wellness offer more focused functions. Wellness and mindfulness apps that are designed to boost users' moods are becoming more focused rather than offering several functions and uses. Apps in this space include ones that recommend mood-boosting podcasts to quick daily journaling prompts.

The growing focus on wellness and more specifically, mental health, comes as people deal with the stress of the pandemic, rising costs, climate change and various political and social issues. These issues combined with the daily stressors of life have led more people to seek out small changes in their habits and routines that may help them feel better--both in the short and long-term..