Digital Detox

The need for digital detoxing is growing as mental health suffers from increased screen time and exposure to negative information online. Consumers are seeking ways to break digital habits to improve their mood and stress levels.

This trend originates from the report:

TREND HUNTER - Trend Report 2068

Digital detoxing becomes more integral for wellness-minded consumers As consumers are inundated with negative news, content and engagement online, some are seeing a greater need to prioritize digital detoxing. While the tools for digital detoxing remain the same, the need for it continues to grow as people's mental health suffers. Consumers' screentime has gone up, and social media platforms are known for spreading negative information due to the higher engagement it receives.

This combination has had an impact on people's mental health, and more consumers are now looking for ways to break their digital habits in order to improve their mood and stress levels..