Bold Cosmetics

Makeup is experiencing a resurgence, pushing forward bold and vibrant colors for consumers to express themselves after limited socializing. Nostalgic Y2K themes, contemporary pops of color are merging for playful experimentation.

This trend originates from the report:

TREND HUNTER - Trend Report 2061

Upcoming makeup trends play up features up with color. With mask mandates are discarded, the makeup industry is seeing a resurgence and pushing forward vibrant, bold colors and applications of makeup for upcoming seasons. These more playful looks are intended to help consumers express themselves after several months of mask use and limited social interactions.

Consumers are increasingly excited to get back to pre-pandemic routines, and are increasingly hopeful that things are changing for the better. For young Millennials and Gen Z, these feelings are partially being expressed through fashion and cosmetic trends--with nostalgic Y2K themes and contemporary pops of color merging for playful experimentation..