Attention Brands & Advertising 2.0

Attention Advertising 2.0. Attention is the new currency in advertising and new metrics allow advertisers to measure the level at which their audience is taking notice of their messages across an increasing number of channels and platforms. Brands can measure their advertising's attention and use this information to find hidden gems in unpopular formats and channels, optimize their planning and trading models, and improve the efficiency of their campaigns.

This trend originates from the report:

DENTSU - Media Trends ‘23

Attention Advertising 2.0. Attention is the new currency in advertising.

With the rise of digital media and the proliferation of channels and devices, it has become increasingly important for brands to understand what their audience is paying attention to. The move from simple metrics like impressions and viewability to attention metrics is essential for advertisers to capture attention in a crowded media marketplace. Technology has made it easier to measure attention paid to advertising.

Companies like Lumen use cameras in laptops, phones, and tablets to analyze eye movements and see what users are focusing on. Similar techniques can be used to analyze advertising in TV, Out-of-Home (OOH), and audio, potentially creating a common attention metric to assess different channels and placements against each other. The study of attention helps marketers understand the effectiveness of brand-based campaigns and the correlation between ads that deliver attention and ads that deliver business impact.

Brands can develop plans to measure the attention their advertising is generating and integrate it into their planning and trading models. They can learn to compare different media and platforms with similar attention metrics and hunt for hidden gems - formats and placements that could add efficiency to a schedule, particularly in a time of high inflation. Dentsu's Attention Economy program has proven that attention increases consumers' ability to recall the ads and their likelihood to buy the brands.

It is now possible to build CPMs based on an effective attentive second for planning purposes and to spot hidden gems - formats that may deliver more attention for the same cost or even less..