Animals and Infuencers

Animals and Influencers. Animals and Influencers have become a powerful tool in brand messaging, with pets and anime characters being popular forms of influence. Pet influencers have gained popularity due to consumers' love for pet visuals, while anime influencers have harnessed the charm of anime. Synthetic Influencers are also gaining popularity, with three times more engagement than human influencers.

This trend originates from the report:

Adobe Creative Trends ‘23

Animals & Influencers. Whether it be a real-life furry friend or a charming anime avatar, charismatic creatures have proven themselves to be powerful tools that attract and retain consumer interest and engagement. As a result, they have become a dominating presence in brand messaging, proliferating across sectors in the form of anime, illustrations, photography, and 3D renders.

Take for instance petfluencers. Their rise to fame was led by consumers’ insatiable desire for cat and dog visuals. As pet ownership increased during the pandemic, so have campaigns emphasizing health benefits of having pets.

Anime influencers have risen to fame by harnessing the power of anime’s charm. Successful Japanese Virtual YouTuber, Kizuna, transitioned from just making videos to also making campaigns for the noodle company Nissin, partnering with a gaming company, and more. Last but not least, Synthetic Influencers have grown tremendously.

Since virtual influencers yield 3 times more engagement than humans (many finding them more trustworthy and relatable), brands are leveraging them in more and more ads. So how can brands leverage the Animals & Influencers trend? Connect with consumers’ love for their pets with cartoon-like illustrations of cute animals. Or capture the bond between pet and owner with a crisp image of them together.

The trend is yours when you add these motion, design, and visuals to your project..