AI: Top Tech Priority

AI: Top Tech Priority. Big Tech companies will prioritize AI capabilities to retain a close relationship with marketers, as AI has been named the most important emerging technology for brands for three consecutive years. Alongside AI, Web3 innovation is also becoming increasingly adopted beyond the initial hype around NFTs and the Metaverse. Despite economic challenges, major tech companies are determined to be first movers in emerging fields such as digital healthcare, the metaverse, and commerce.

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WARC - The Marketer’s Toolkit 2028

AI: Top Tech Priority. Big Tech companies wishing to retain a close relationship with marketers would do well to prioritize artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities. For a third consecutive year, survey respondents have named AI as the most important emerging technology for their brands.

Web3 innovation may also prove key: hype around the metaverse is clearly evident from the 29% who view that technology as most significant to their plans, up from only 10% a year ago. Interest in blockchain tech and NFTs has also grown, while connected TV and augmented reality continue to rise up the agenda for brands. Which technologies are top of mind for marketers? 42% said AI is the most important technology to watch, followed by live video (30%), metaverse (29%), connected TV (24%), enhanced payment technology (22%), 5g (20%), augmented reality (18%), internet of things IoT (15%), blockchain (12%), NFTs (11%), wearables (9%), facial recognition (6%).

Despite economic headwinds, Big Tech’s restless pursuit of the next big revenue opportunity will remain undimmed. Each major tech player is determined to seize first-mover advantage in a nascent field like digital healthcare, the metaverse and commerce..