A New Social Standard

A New Social Standard. Consumers are becoming more aware of fake news and deepfake technology, leading to an increased demand for authenticity and integrity in content. Brands and social media platforms need to adapt quickly or risk facing a breaking point in the near future. Digital security is becoming a value for everyone, and brands have a role to play in keeping awareness high and covering security issues related to their own domain.

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Talkwalkers - Social Media Trends 2024

A New Social Standard. Fake news may be getting cleverer, but consumers are wising up too. Not everything on the internet is real.

And now, we’re finally seeing the repercussions of that. Brands, personalities, and even governments are having to deal with the consequences of fake news. Meanwhile, deepfake, AI-generated video content used to trick people into thinking certain people engaged in activities that never actually happened - is on the rise.

With commercially available software capable of creating incredibly believable celebrity videos, Europol is now highlighting how the technology could be used for organized crime. Consumers need to be able to trust the content they engage with, so expect 2023 to show an increased demand for integrity and authenticity that brands and social media channels will have to adapt to. While mentions of fake news are on a slight decline, deepfake mentions are on the rise, more than doubling from January 2022 to August 2022.

Talkwalker’s AI-powered Forecasting predicts a continuation of this growth in the coming months. Consumers believe that they’re getting savvier with internet falsehoods, but the technology that creates them is developing fast. 2023 will be a breaking point.

Brands and platforms will need to take action quickly or risk facing a breaking point in the near future. “Digital security is becoming a value for everyone: for consumers, who personally risk more than anyone else, for the public administration that has to chase technology with regulations faster and faster, and for big tech that needs to keep business risks related to these issues low. The role of brands in this is to play their part in keeping awareness high and covering security issues related mostly to their own domain (e.

g., health or security for financial instruments). Producing content and information that is usable by users and appropriate for this purpose is no longer optional.

” - Gabriele Carrieri, Digital Manager, Servier Italia..