March 15, 2023
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We’re live! Start tuning in here.

TLDR: To all our fellow #Unboring folk out there, we’ve got something cool we want to share with you. We’re making our internal trend platform available to you. Let it help inspire and guide you throughout the rest of the year. We used AI to extract, synthesize and sort 400+ trends from the 50+ most influential trend reports.

An awesome group of (let’s call them heroes) curate the best trend reports published by agencies, consultancies and other organizations at the start of every year. Their curated list is collected within a highly prized Google Drive link that’s shared within the advertising community worldwide.

This handpicked collection of reports published by the most insightful and well-networked thought leaders is undoubtedly valuable. Yet the true power lies in synthesizing and making these ideas easily accessible to unlock even greater potential and practicality.

A few months ago we created a dedicated internal platform for our team. We experimented with the latest AI models (GPT-3 and more recently GPT-4) to extract and synthesize the core ideas contained within the reports, sort and then tag them. This resulted in a comprehensive database.

Today we’re making this platform public, following awesome feedback received from clients, partners and friends that got to test drive this new tool. We’re thrilled to introduce you to Tuned-in, the one-stop-shop platform that brings together the most relevant and thought-provoking trends.

Tuned-in is designed for creative strategists, marketers, and curious minds alike, who crave a more accessible way to explore trends. We’ve streamlined the process of discovering and analyzing trends by offering a user-friendly interface where you can navigate or search trends by category and keywords.

No more sifting through PDFs, only to forget about them days later. With Tuned-in, you have access to this year’s most important insights at your fingertips. Whether you’re seeking inspiration, looking for market insights, or simply wanting to stay in-the-know, Tuned-in is your go-to platform.

So, ready to elevate your creative game? Start exploring Tuned-in and be part of a forward-thinking community that’s always one step ahead. Sign up for our newsletter and follow Tuio’s social channels to keep in touch. Stay sharp, stay curious, and stay #Unboring!

Co-Founder @Tuio

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