Shifting Work Habbits

The return to the office will impact spending habits as people adjust to changes in their workday and physical workplace. Financial institutions need to adapt to the shift towards hybrid or remote work to retain employees.

This trend originates from the report:

VERICAST - Predictions & Trends 2030

As office workers trickle back into hybrid or 40-hour onsite work situations, we expect to see purchase behaviors altered by the workday and the physical workplace. That means some shopping habits, frequencies and choices may change as people make their way back out into the world. Of course, things that had been centered around home since 2020 may now shift to new locations due to evolving work situations.

Nicholas says many employers appear to be adopting a balanced hybrid approach. She’s also tracking the advent of “Super Commuters,” people who are willing to commute a greater distance in exchange for fewer days in the office. “As employers, financial institutions need to look at how they operate in order to retain employees,” Nicholas says.

“What has traditionally been an ‘in-office’ sector is becoming hybrid or work from home as employers accept that many jobs can be done securely from home.”.