Rave Returns & Global Beats

It’s the year of the rave, with Gen Z ready to let go and express themselves through music. Gen Z are embracing global music and a diverse range of genres, from KPOP to Latin music, with over half of respondents in our study planning to listen to non-English-speaking artists. Music events like raves provide a beloved outlet for Gen Z to connect and let out steam, with 68% of Gen Z social media users planning to attend or wanting to attend a rave in 2023.

This trend originates from the report:

INSTAGRAM - Trends Report 2023

Raves are about being in the moment, reconnecting, and letting go, and Gen Z is ready to rave in 2023. Music events like raves are beloved outlets for Gen Z to let out steam: 68% of Gen Z social media users plan to attend or want to attend a rave in 2023. Music offers a unifying way for Gen Z listeners to express themselves.

The next gen is embracing global music and an expansive view of world sounds. In our study, more than half of Gen Z respondents said they plan to listen to non- English-speaking artists in 2023. Genres like KPOP and Latinx music continue to drive culture on Instagram.