Gen Z Does Finance

Investing is easier for Gen Z with fintech apps and community platforms and there's a push for financial literacy education to address the learning curve in the changing financial landscape. Brands and communities filling in for a lacking education system.

This trend originates from the report:

TREND HUNTER - Trend Report 2024

Investing for young Gen Z consumers is made easier with apps and communities. Gen Z is entering a new world of fintech, and banking apps, community platforms and services are being designed to help them navigate investing in the modern age. These platforms ensure that young consumers are able to set themselves up for the future in today's changing financial landscape.

Banking and investment services aren't just about monetary exchanges, but cryptocurrencies and apps that give users more autonomy over their money. This changing financial landscape has a learning curve, and more consumers are pushing for financial literacy being tackled within the education system to address this. With the North American education system still lagging behind, some brands and communities are helping to fill that gap.