Beyond Nomal

Beyond Normal. The 2023 trend is all about breaking the norms and expressing individual style. Fashion is embracing fluidity and gender-neutral styles, while interior design is trending towards maximalism and technology-driven art. NFTs and AI are expected to play a big role in art, with a projected rise in popularity and new AI platforms changing the way artists work.

This trend originates from the report:

CATAWIKI x IPSOS - Trend_Report-2023

Beyond Normal. Forget the rules, 2023 will be the time to express individual style. Design and art for 2023 comes in a myriad of styles and mediums – an A.

I. generated portrait on the wall, a large statement piece by Sottsass or an abundance of home accessories. In fashion, clash prints and textures by combining Moschino with Margiela.

Next year, it’s time for people to make their own rules. No Norms, No rules According to Catawiki’s Fashion Experts, Luise Hack and Lorenzo Altimani, 2023 is all about letting go of outdated rules. “Gender-specific collections are just not relevant anymore, fluidity has become a must”.

This is exemplified in the SS2023 runways, through the extensive implementation of sheer fashion for men, trompe l’oeil prints and both male- and female-identifying models wearing the same pieces. Maximalist Style. Eclectic bright colors, bold patterns and colors and contrasting styles will see more daylight in 2023.

Eva van den Oever, Expert in Contemporary Art, sheds light on why maximalism is in for 2023. “We’re currently in a minimalist state of mind which offers us the space to incorporate maximalist objects”.The maximalist TikTok trend #cluttercore is going viral with over 73 million views.

Its reels show interiors that are completely filled with bright and brash objects, densely cluttered and yet somehow, satisfyingly organized. Technology driven art. NFTs were the starting point, but next year, new technologies, such as A.

I., are expected to take flight and explore the boundaries of imagination. According to Statista, NFTs will continue to rise in popularity, with a projected 8.

09 million active European traders in 2023. The New York Times is already reporting on how new generative A.I.

platforms like DALL-E 2, Mid-journey and Stable Diffusion are changing how filmmakers, interior designers and other artists work. The way A.I.

will complement instead of obliterate contemporary art can already be seen in the works of Francien Krieg and Robert Kohlhuber..